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the cochin pet spa

Grooming your cat and dog can be quite a difficult experience. Your cat is generally more self-possessed and independent compared to your dog, especially when it comes to grooming. But despite such differences, one thing they both have in common is they both require your assistance when it comes to grooming. Giving baths, brushing hair, trimming nails and brushing teeth are all part of the territory you entered when you became a pet owner.

Pet Spa
grooming parlour

We have an exclusive pet grooming parlour in the name of THE COCHIN PET SPA, equipped with all modern facilities and gadgets to make your furry ones look beautiful, smart and healthy. The parlour is having the facility for specialized bath, gentle ear cleaning, pawdicure, body massage, tooth cleaning, ionic blow drying and specialized hair cutting. We have special cage dryer for cats.

Making dogs & cats look great is our passion! The grooming is done by well-trained groomers who have perfection in the art of handling dogs and cats. We also runs various grooming packages like normal baths, medicated baths, herbal bath, anti-tick bath, conditioner bath, oil bath etc. The packages can be taken on one time, half yearly or annual basis. The grooming package keeps your pets in perfect shape and you are away from the hassle of doing these tiring activities at home.

Pet bath